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Rants on stupid limited ram

There's only 96.0MB of RAM left in this stupid computer. It takes like 10 minutes to start up and sometimes I have to start this piece of shyte up the second time when it hangs in the middle of starting up. And when I want to start programs like mIRC, ICQ, YIM, IE and MSN it's really a torture. First of all, I can't set it to auto launch because it will hang my computer. I have to start them up manually and I have to wait for 5 minutes for each program to run before starting the other one up. So I only start up the important programs like mIRC and ICQ and MSN. Because it's totally frustrating to see the whole stupid computer hanging. Even if I wait patiently it still refuses to start smoothly. Hate this *beep*ing computer. I know, I can buy more memory sticks from the shop but it's too *beep*ing expensive. I can't *beep*ing afford it. And I'm totally computer illiterate when it comes to these things so I don't know how to fix them in myself. I'm glad there's a place in LJ for me to rant about it although by the looks of it this community is pretty deserted. Whatever.

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