Nicole (venus_049) wrote in mycomputersucks,

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hey people

y'all hate windows so get a mac!! you will not be disappointed. at first you may be like 'well wtf is with this thing!?' but after a while you'll get it.
in the meantime, have fun bitching about your freezing, crashing, confusing, file-hiding, virus infested boxes. : )

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    This is great-- I killed my CD-Rom trying to load my music files... *sighs* at least my pictures and files are saved

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    I think my computer may be starting to breakdown, which isn't suprising since i dropped my laptop like, several times, have been hit with spyware…

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    does anyone know where to get a genaric anolog sound card driver for windows XP 64 bit ? i looked online a lot and could not find anything, i have…

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