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I think my computer may be starting to breakdown, which isn't suprising since i dropped my laptop like, several times, have been hit with spyware several times over, and accidentally deleted some important running files i don't know how to get back-- So if in a few weeks I suddenly disapear- It's because my computer finally died on me.

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I my eye is on fire
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does anyone know where to get a genaric anolog sound card driver for windows XP 64 bit ?

i looked online a lot and could not find anything, i have an HP zv5000 laptop, the website has "drivers" for xp 32 bit but they are really updates and i have to have an older version first to make it work, i looked a round in folders and found the driver but xp54 bit did not like it cuz it was not compatible. when i looked around on other site, it sounded like many ppl have sound driver problems on xp 64. grrrrrrr

and another problem is the video is chopy, i found the right driver but it did not help, made things better so i turned the hardware acceleration down and its way better, i dont get it.

the reason i turned to the windows xp 64 is because win xp sp2 and amd64 have a know problem, when a program hangs and uses 99 or 100% process it just hangs and system is locked, i have to hard boot, it sucks mucho, normaly AIM crashes and then trillian did and other programs and it got worse and worse. i have had problems since day 1

maybe some one could point me to another 64 bit OS

i did look around alittle bit but could not figure out where to download it for free like linux or bsd or something

Please help and if you could point me in to another community that would allso help, im still looking around

hey people

y'all hate windows so much...so get a mac!! you will not be disappointed. at first you may be like 'well wtf is with this thing!?' but after a while you'll get it.
in the meantime, have fun bitching about your freezing, crashing, confusing, file-hiding, virus infested boxes. : )
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CD Burning Software Issues

My CD burning software (Nero) has decided that it cannot run. It tells me that it doesn't recognise my burner (a Yamaha, don't remember the model number offhand) and can only work with the burner it was bundled with. But it was bundled with this burner, they came together in the box. I've had them for two and a half years now so I can't imagine the warranty's still good; I'm pretty sure it was for a year. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Nero a few times, to no avail. Thoughts?

Help with Win2k drivers

Okay, my partner and I just put Win2k on his computer, after wiping the hard drive to get rid of ME. The driver CD that came with ME gave us drivers for audio and video, but not network ... and since we can't get online because we have no network driver, we can't download a network driver onto the computer.

My friend told me to download this ( ftp://ftp.biostar-usa.com/drivers/LAN/RTL81XX_5503_WIN9XME2KXP.EXE ) onto a floppy and use that, but the computer didn't recognise it even when we extracted it onto the hard drive.

The network card doesn't seem to exist on its own ... we had to search for things by the model of the motherboard, which is a Biostar M7VKQ. It has the model number on it in big white letters but the word "Pro" is nowhere to be found, so I assume that it's not Pro.


Goddamn Windows ME

What to do about a computer with Windows ME that really just needs to be shot? I'm the high bidder on a new copy of XP on eBay, but there are four days left on the auction and I don't really have a prayer. I'm a broke college student and have no idea what to do about this damn thing. I can't afford to spend more than $25 on software like that. I'd reformat the hard drive, get rid of Windows, and put Linux on there (I just bought Linux for Dummies, 2nd Edition), but my partner doesn't want to give up Windows just yet.

Rants on stupid limited ram

There's only 96.0MB of RAM left in this stupid computer. It takes like 10 minutes to start up and sometimes I have to start this piece of shyte up the second time when it hangs in the middle of starting up. And when I want to start programs like mIRC, ICQ, YIM, IE and MSN it's really a torture. First of all, I can't set it to auto launch because it will hang my computer. I have to start them up manually and I have to wait for 5 minutes for each program to run before starting the other one up. So I only start up the important programs like mIRC and ICQ and MSN. Because it's totally frustrating to see the whole stupid computer hanging. Even if I wait patiently it still refuses to start smoothly. Hate this *beep*ing computer. I know, I can buy more memory sticks from the shop but it's too *beep*ing expensive. I can't *beep*ing afford it. And I'm totally computer illiterate when it comes to these things so I don't know how to fix them in myself. I'm glad there's a place in LJ for me to rant about it although by the looks of it this community is pretty deserted. Whatever.
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I'm me. And I have a stupid computer.

It's so stupid it can't handle burned CD-ROMs. Or even regular CD-ROMs. -.-;; I can't play any game I might get because it's total capacity is 16 MB RAM and the games nowadays require 64 MB and up. *spazzes* And it can barely handle YIM! HAYZOOS!

*kicks stupid computer*

Ah, thank you.

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