Michael (ftmichael) wrote in mycomputersucks,

Help with Win2k drivers

Okay, my partner and I just put Win2k on his computer, after wiping the hard drive to get rid of ME. The driver CD that came with ME gave us drivers for audio and video, but not network ... and since we can't get online because we have no network driver, we can't download a network driver onto the computer.

My friend told me to download this ( ftp://ftp.biostar-usa.com/drivers/LAN/RTL81XX_5503_WIN9XME2KXP.EXE ) onto a floppy and use that, but the computer didn't recognise it even when we extracted it onto the hard drive.

The network card doesn't seem to exist on its own ... we had to search for things by the model of the motherboard, which is a Biostar M7VKQ. It has the model number on it in big white letters but the word "Pro" is nowhere to be found, so I assume that it's not Pro.

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